die filmwerkstatt

we save your video cassettes to digital media

In 1978 VHS became popular for private filming on vcrs.
a videocassette, - magnetical -, loses quality year by year !
After 15 - 18 years the endmagnetism beginns and the quality loses every year 10 %
A lot of cassettes are now older than 25 years and it is time to hurry


Wir digitalisize ( VHS, S-VHS, Digital-VHS, VHSc, S-VHSc, Video8, Hi8 ) on professionell
VCR Recorders on 2 ways :

1:1 direct to DVD

1:1 to harddrives as DV AVI or Quicktime DV for cutting on PCs

BAHAMAS 1992 from frank rudolf on Vimeo.


video digitalisation 1:1

transfer from old magnetic video to digital

video digitalisisation as avi or .mov

digital transfer through or special video PCs

0,25 € each minute

orderform video as PDF