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8mm - regular-8 - double-8 - Super-8 - Single-8 - Polavision-Super8 - MAX8

Do you remember the good old times back in 1955 or 1977 ?
the first holiday trip or babys first step : all filmed on 8mm or Super-8 and waiting to reanimated again on a digital media



we love Super-8

HD1080p scanning in classic style 4:3.... ....or in pillarbox 16:9.... .... you decide...

"time to change" our basic in 2016 is 1080 p frame by frame scanning on all formats to get the best out of the material. for those of you who want more, we offer 2K




we offer the HD scan in classic style 4*3 with 1480 * 1080 pixel, which is perfect for those customers who are looking forward to get a DVD and / or edit there home movie in a 4:3 project

The second option is Full HD 1080p with 1920 * 1080 pixel in 4:3 or pillarbox.

All Data scans are not done in real time; we scan with 9 frames per second to get a stable picture.

Small 50 feet reels are spliced together on to bigger reels ( 200, 300 and 400 feet from Schneider )

We first scan your movies as single frames in RAW as BMP with 3 MP -5 MB per frame ( ca. 4000 frames per 50 feet ). In the second step we put them together to an uncompressed Data AVI without any codec and in step three they run through our raster image processing restauration ( RIP DSP ).



we scan negative film for the same price like reversal, but the final color correction must be done by yourself in the postproduction . We suggest Kodak Vision III 50 for the best results. This emulsion is fantastic for Super-8. Vision 200 and 500 are not really perfect for shooting on Super-8



classic style or pillarbox

you choose between the ratio of 4 : 3 or pillarbox 16:9 ( black bars left and right )


Option 2 K

we can offer a 2K scan up to 2048 * 1556 pixel

2K makes only sence if the material is absolutely perfekt filmed and developped.


data volume

If you choose 1080p for your homemovies, we deliver in avi uncompressed ( 25 GB per 50 feet ), also in Apple ProResHQ with 4GB ( Motion JPEG-A = similar ).


single frames

If you are looking for a lossless codec, we suggest to take numbered single frames as BMP or JPEG files to get it 1000 % archival. In 15-20 years no one can guarantee that any of todays codec are still running ; numbered single frames can be read also in 50 years.

frame by frame scan

50 feet in HD Scanning starting at 13,50 €



price & order as PDF 


>>> Pathe 9.5mm and 16mm


we transfer your scanned movies on a supported harddrive,otherwise we offer 2.5" USB 3.0 harddrives with 1 TB starting at 66,00 €


we do not longer accept internal drives > 2 TB, because we recieved the information that some customers could not read the discs after they were formatted new.!!