die filmwerkstatt


digital remastert

The frame by frame scans, that we offer are all digital remastert with a special software, which is called RIP-DSP ( raster image processing ).

This software restauration is working not in realtime, so a 50 feet reel takes 30 minutes to get digital remastert.




we scan directtly off the film : 8mm - Super-8 / MAX8 - Pathe 9.5mm & 16mm. Every speed from 8 fps up to 25 fps are possible with our scanners. For difficult material we offer 9 fps for better stability.


small format

Super-8( Single8 ), regular-8 ( Double-8 ), Pathe 9.5mm, 16mm

for all this formats we are offering "frame by frame" scanning up to 2 K.


complete pricelist & oderform as PDF 



Raster Image Processing

this is a special restauration for filmmaterial. The sofware is improving sharpness, colour and gamma for nowerday screenings