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Pathe 9.5mm and 16mm HD Data Scan

We offer also the HD Scan of Pathe 9.5mm and 16mm with resolution up to 2K ( 2048 * 1556 pixel)

all films are scanned frame by frame in HD in our studio in Bielefeld ( Germany)



16mm black and white film from 1947 scanned colorized by our KI




Space for HD 1080p

One hour of 9.5mm or 16mm needs in uncompressed ca. 450 GB and in ProResHQ ca. 100 GB.

One 50feet reel is 22 GB uncompressed


Space for HD 2K

If you choose 2K we deliver with 2048 * 1156 pillarbox or in 4:3 with minimum 2048 * 1556 pixel

frame by frame Datascan

we deliver with 16 fps, 18 fps, 24 fps, or 25 fps.


price and order  



1. videofile:

we deliver as avi uncompressed, motion JPEG-A or Quicktime ProRes HQ.



2. single frames

We suggest to deliver as single numbered frames for a long time backup