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welcome to 18-frames.com

Since 2002 filmmanufaktur is offering filmscanning in stunning quality.

Since 2010 we are the only company that is offering frame by frame scanning with the HM73 and the new MPS-800® frame scanner here in Germany.

All scans are done in our modern studio with the latest technical equippment.

digital remastert

The frame by frame scans, that we offer are all digital remastert with a special software, which is called RIP-DSP ( raster image processing ).

This software restauration is working not in realtime, so a 50 feet reel takes 30 minutes to get digital remastert.




we scan directtly off the film : 8mm - Super-8 / MAX8 - Pathe 9.5mm & 16mm. Every speed from 8 fps up to 25 fps are possible with our scanners. For difficult material we offer 9 fps for better stability.


small format

Super-8( Single8 ), regular-8 ( Double-8 ), Pathe 9.5mm, 16mm

for all this formats we are offering "frame by frame" scanning up to 2 K.
more infos : >>> HD 720p    


complete pricelist & roderform as PDF 



Raster Image Processing

this is a special restauration for filmmaterial. The sofware is improving sharpness, colour and gamma for nowerday screenings